What You Need

  • A chayote
  • A dash of salt

What You Do

  1. Peel the chayote
  2. Cut the chayote into squares that are 1″ x 1″ x 1/2″
  3. Toss it into a frying pan and cover the chayote with water.
  4. Boil, then simmer covered until the chayote is soft when poked with a fork. This should be about the time you run out of water. If you still have water, pour the rest off.
  5. Cook the last drops of water away, then add a little olive oil, just to keep from sticking to the pan. If you have a non-stick pan you don’t need to add oil.
  6. Add a dash of salt and then brown the chayote ever so slightly.
  7. Serve hot.

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