Celebrating my Book Release with an 1860s Recipe Series


Hey everybody! I just wrote a little book called Moonshine Bloodline. It a fictional story that takes place around the 1860s in Virginia, so to celebrate its release into the wild, I’m making a month’s worth of recipes from the years 1820 to 1920. I’ll be releasing one recipe per week, starting April 2nd. And no worries, they’re all vegetarian (and a couple of vegan ones too). So stay tuned!

Moonshine Bloodline book cover

Moonshine Bloodline

By Anne Richardson

It’s a wee little novel. Get it on Kindle for $.99 today!
“That man ain’t worth the dirt I scrubbed off his turnips.”  Bruce “Bruiser” Bandy spent his 20s running boats down the Mississippi and stealing other people’s money on his way back north. His life changed one day in a patch of vegetables when he met the woman who would inspire him to clean up, shape up, and settle his own town along a river in antebellum Virginia. This fictional tale set in the 1860s South stitches together three generations of love and heartache manifested in his town and through his bloodline.

The artistic, fragmented narrative of Moonshine Bloodline hits the reader at an unapologetic pace. The story scatters through characters and generations in short bursts leaving the feeling that you’re recalling events through the lens of a hangover. I found myself turning back to re-read pages throughout the book looking to unlock a bit more from every character and every scene. A well crafted, well executed work – and a quick read.
— Craig, Amazon.com Review

Get it Now on Kindle

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