Hot off the Presses: Vegan Vegetable Memory Game

I have to say, working on this project for the past week has been pretty fun! A couple of years ago, I created and launched a Veggie Memory Game and since then, I learned a few things. So TODAY, after hours of late night tiny brushstrokes on beets and broccoli, I am launching the second edition. I’m pleased as punch to announce that Vegan Vegetable Memory Game is all boxed up and ready for you to play!

CSA Box Veggie Memory Game

Here are some kiddos playing the first edition.

Keep your memory sharp and learn to identify vegetables with this beautifully illustrated (and then painted by me — weee!) set of vintage vegetable memory cards. Each pair features a vegetable commonly seen at the grocery store or farmers market. Great for young kids, family gatherings, and as gifts for your food-loving friends.

I chose some old favorites as well as some of those trickier vegetables for this game. And it’s not just for kids! It also helps to fill in some gaps for grown-ups who still struggle with the difference between parsnips and kohlrabi.

But most importantly, it’s fun! I think playing simple games is an easy way to connect with other people and mixing in a little learning and short-term memory practice never hurts.

Cards Include

bell peppers
chili peppers
green onions
lettuce mushrooms
winter squash
yellow onions

To Play Memory
Shuffle the deck, then lay all cards face-down on the table or floor. The first player turns over two cards. If the cards match, they get to keep the pair and go again. If the cards don’t match, it’s the next player’s turn. Keep going until all of the cards are gone. The player with the most matching pairs at the end wins!

This game is printed in and shipped from the US, in Wisconsin. Buy local first!

Vegan Vegetable Memory Game

Get it Now

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